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16 Weippin Street, Cleveland Qld 4163 (PO Box 796, Cleveland Qld 4163)

(Directly opposite the Redland and Mater Hospitals)

Tel:   (07)   3488 0180                          E: [email protected]

PRE PREP (Kindergarten Program)

Bayside Park Early Education Centre is an approved Kindergarten Program Provider.

Our Kindergarten Program is delivered by our Registered Teacher Miss Prue, and aims to provide children with the foundation they need to succeed as they progress through their education. A key feature of our Pre-Prep Class is that it makes connections between children’s prior experiences at home and what they will do at Preparatory and School.

The learning experiences in the Pre-Prep Class include:

  • Language;
  • Maths;
  • Pre-reading and Pre-writing;
  • Physical health promotion/development;
  • Music and Movement;
  • Art;
  • Dramatic Play;
  • Self-help Skills;
  • Preparation for School.

These learning experiences will help children to:

  • understand and use language to group, sort and describe objects and to communicate ideas, feelings and needs;
  • develop early literacy and numeracy skills;
  • develop independence and problem-solving skills;
  • learn how to cooperate with others;
  • listen, respond and give directions;
  • increase self-confidence.